stock photo 27510920 motorway traffic jamIdox Transport solutions enable Traffic Managers to model, monitor and control the environmental effects of travel as well as reducing congestion to maximise the use of a limited road network, all using UTMC, RTIG, SIRI and other recognised industry protocols.

From this same data source Idox Transport enables our Voyager products and services relating to accidents, roadworks, congestion, air quality and the state of the road network in general to empower road users to make informed travel decisions to avoid congestion hotspots.

Our products and services include

Real Time Passenger Information Systems through our capital and revenue saving Icarus Passenger Information and Fleet Operations Management

UTMC Command and Control through Argonaut complete with Strategy Manager and our innovative Journey Times Engine

Multi Modal Travel Portal through Voyager using web, mobile, sms, kiosks, screens, DiTV and satellite navigation systems


We've delivered over 40 systems, including