17 June 2015

This month Idox Transport has been rewarded with renewed business from Traffic Wales. The operations team successfully SATd TFT technology displays with Suffolk County Council and rolled out UTMC reports to KierWSP in Northamptonshire.

Two new solutions, Skips and Scaffolding, and Juno, have been released.

Idox Transport also continues to invest in updating and enhancing its product range with Voyager seeing key enhancements.

Key highlights of the June edition:

Contracts Awarded Traffic Wales - Ordered a fifth phase of enhancements to their Speed Limit Review public consultation web pages.

SATs Northamptonshire - Argonaut Reports package to allow historical reports of journey times, car park occupancy, detector flows, faults etc., to be generated from standard reports or user generated reports.

East Anglia - Bus station and other displays tested successfully.

Suffolk County Council - Operations team signed off with Suffolk County Council new TFT technology displays at the recently refurbished Old Cattle Market and Tower Ramparts bus stations together with a further 35 at stop displays elsewhere.

New solutions launched

Juno Juno is an adaptive control platform for real time traffic signals that allows operators of the scheme to monitor, manage and set strategies in line with their requirements. It facilitates the implementation of 3rd party and bespoke algorithms in real time to curb the growing congestion problems having a wider impact on road users and the economy.

Benefits of implementing Juno 

  • Policy Driven Outcomes 
  • Dynamic Multiple Algorithms 
  • Higher "Q Value" 
  • Better Use of Existing Assets 
  • Greater Innovation 
  • Reduced Commissioning &Validating 
  • Reduced Personal Training and Support Costs

Skips and Scaffolding Idox Transport has designed the Skips and Scaffolding solution to be a user-friendly online service, to enable companies to apply to place on street, a temporary structure such as skips, scaffolding, building materials, site offices (e.g. portakabins), tables and chairs on the street outside premises etc.

Skips & Scaffolding solution enable Highway Authorities to: 

  • Easily view and process forms online • Increase response rates 
  • Centrally manage all the requests 
  • Manage application clashes 
  • Track reasons for rejections 
  • Automatically receive forms only after mandate data validation 
  • Improve license processing and service 
  • Protect data (personal & payment) through the HTTPS security provision

Product updated and released

Voyager Hertfordshire

• The embedded Elgin map on the menu page can now be viewed in full screen.


• Menu button has been moved to the right side just before the map options. • After every sorting in the table is now moved to the first page. • Through Argonaut, only required alerts are now published on Voyager rather than all alerts.


• SMS: Incoming message acceptance format has been trimmed for extra space.

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For queries on products, enhancements or features, please contact:

Richard Thurbin, Product Director, Mobile: +44 (0) 7917 704 145