Idox Transport has designed and developed Stand Manager, a next-generation stand management system that improves operational efficiency of bus terminals by up to 70%.

The Stand Manager assists bus terminal operators to ensure smooth throughput of buses on bus stands, based on the scheduled data and also dynamically based on the requirements of the ‘now’. The solution allocates vehicles to appropriate stands and provide vehicle information to drivers, operations staff and passengers.

The key functionality of Stand Manager is that it dynamically adapts to the situation, as and when required to avoid congestion and queuing.

To support efficient stand management, Stand Manager includes a comprehensive stand allocation business logic, this utilises pre-loaded schedule data and stand preference information to assign buses arriving at the terminal to available platforms.

The Stand Manager maintains a time-stamped database of bus stand allocations, layover stand allocations, system events and system changes in order that the system may be fully audited.

Key benefits 

  • Reduces the waiting period of buses queued for platform availability
  • Improves utilisation of the terminal space
  • Improves information to commuters and drivers by providing accurate and real-time information of stand allocation and departure of buses in both audio and visual formats
  • Helps to better manage crowd flow at the terminal
  • Ensures safer boarding and alighting of passengers from the buses at the platforms

Key features 

  • Automatically allocates buses to bus stands both scheduled and dynamically
  • Allows station users to view and manage all bus movements on the stand
  • Maintains a database storing bus stand and layover stand allocation and system events & system changes
  • Identifies different types of buses by matching bus numbers
  • Recognises stand allocation errors and automatically alerts the controller
  • Permits the user to manage stands manually if required
  • Allows the user to configure a stand to be closed for a specific time period
  • Provides the controller with the ability to switch the system into alert or evacuation modes
  • Enables platform information and expected departure to be communicated via audio and/or visual means
  • Driver Information Displays (DID) shows platform allocation to the drivers for platform directions
  • Allows the user to reserve specific bus stands for approved routes, trips or special events such as rail replacement services

The user-friendly interface allows the user to manage the Stand Manager, with all of the usual safeguards determined by the Stand Manager user profile. In addition, the UI allows the user to manipulate the bus stand preference allocation parameters which alerts operators when a bus occupies the wrong stand.

The Stand Manager is tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of stands that are facing challenges due to growing service numbers, rising passenger expectations and/or lack of operation floor space.

To know more about the Stand Manager, Download PDF.

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