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Icarus is Idox Transports product for both the Passenger Information and Fleet Management Market. On a basic level, users are able to view the real time location of all vehicles within the fleet and get simple reports showing statistics on vehicles operation and movements.

Modules are available to enhance this view and include the ability to message drivers, calculate vehicles adherence to schedule & headway, replay vehicle movements, integrate traffic congestion in to predictions on lateness and arrivals, incident detection & management, diversions and road closures, create static timetables, printed timetables as well as ideal timetables based on historical journey times. 

Icarus - RTI for Authorities

Icarus - RTI for Authorities is a next generation traffic management solution from Idox Transport that enables authorities to better manage traffic based on real time information and true predictions. 

Icarus works as a reliable solution that integrates with existing traffic systems and other data sources to gather traffic information in real time that helps authorities to better visualise, strategise and manage rural, highways and city centre roads more efficiently. Know more...

Icarus - RTI for Public Transport Operators 

Icarus is a web-based real time vehicle tracking and vehicle management solution that puts makes available key road network information for intelligent management and decision making. Icarus helps to achieve maximum cost benefits in operations of public transportation by timely communicating critical network issues such as disruptions, incidents, accidents, roadworks and events that are likely to have a major impact on the services. Know more...

Complimentary Icarus Fleet Management Solution

Idox Transport offers a complimentary Fleet Management Solution capable of broadcasting vehicle and traffic information in real-time. It is a fully integrated web-based solution with anytime, anywhere access on mobiles, tablets and computers. 

The solution simply links with existing ticket machines without the need of any additional hardware. The only requirement is that the ticket machine is sim enabled and has a suitable airtime contract. Know more...

Stand Manager

Idox Transports Stand Manager is a class leading stand management system to facilitate smooth throughput of buses at the bus terminal and to ensure optimal utilisation of the available space. 

The end-to-end process of stand allocation is carried out automatically, and the truly dynamic nature of the solution helps to deliver maximum operational efficiency, improves user experience and leads to better utilisation of resources enabling more capacity at smaller sites as well as less space at new sites. Know more...

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