Public transport industry is a rapidly transforming business sector where sustenance is ensured by embracing change and fulfilling customer expectations. Now more than ever, it is imperative to deliver quality services and have control over operations for significant savings and improved productivity. However, lack of technology solutions continue to mount challenges for fleet operators.

In this direction, Idox Transport is now offering Icarus Fleet Management Solution, a complimentary mobile, tablet & desktop solution to obtain vehicle information in real-time. It is free and does not require any additional hardware.

With the help of this solution, it is easier to have better control over operations, strategise fleet movements and get information of vehicles’ in real-time. Thus reducing operational expenses and improving the quality of service.  

Idox Transport simply links with existing ticket machines. The only requirement is that the ticket machine is sim enabled and has a suitable airtime contract.

Once the machine is upgraded with the SIM and configured to work with the Icarus solution, data is automatically received and distributed. The solution works with any SIM provider, aggregator or telecom provider and optionally, Idox Transport can also provide SIMs at very competitive rates.      

Key features

Displays vehicle information in real time

Displays real-time location of all vehicles within the fleet registered on the system. It allows operators to locate a particular vehicle and follow it throughout the network. 

Generates bus service operators grant report

Generates grant reports that have wider acceptance. Reports can be used by accountants and other financial parties as a justification for the uplift in fuel duty rebate. Reports can also be delivered to specified email addresses.

Key benefits

Reduced personal training and support costs

User-friendly interfaces, step-by-step wizards and uncluttered mapping allows operators to access the system with no or less training thus significantly reducing recruitment, training and on-going support costs. 

Real-time fleet tracking anytime, anywhere

Inspectors, controllers and management can pinpoint the location of drivers and vehicles within a 10m accuracy allowing quick and easy management of the fleet anytime, anywhere.

Unparalleled experience and breadth of knowledge 

Extensive knowledge and experience of the public transport industry has been invested in modelling this solution. Thus enabling it to tackle most of the transport, traffic and data issues with higher degree of success.

Icarus is much more than a simple tracking solution for operators. There are multiple options for upgrade at any time as part of the overall solution. These options include:

  • Driver Messaging
  • Schedule & Headway Adherence
  • Vehicle Replay & Trail Vehicle
  • Alerts & Alarms
  • Incident Detection & Incident Management
  • Traffic Integration
  • SIRI Feeds
  • Voyager & Mobile Applications
  • Reports & Ideal Timetables
  • Control Room Diary

To know more about the Icarus Fleet Management Solution, Download PDF.

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