Idox Transport’s Icarus – RTI is a real time vehicle tracking and management solution that enables public transport operators to keep track of vehicles’ movements within the network.

Core competencies of Icarus enables it to populate key road network information from UTMC systems, capture data from desperate sources, interpret data irrespective of their format and present it in the most simplest and uncluttered format for the operators to attain strategic control.

Icarus – RTI helps to achieve maximum cost benefits in operations of public transportation by timely communicating critical network issues such as disruptions, incidents, accidents, roadworks and events that are likely to have a major impact on the services.

Icarus enables operators to schedule services in accordance with planned and current traffic conditions, take into account current passenger journey behaviour and optimise operational efficiency.

Icarus has been architected using the latest web development technologies that enables users to view and interact with the system using internet-enabled devices anywhere anytime. This has the additional advantage for on-street assessments for inspectors and the like.

Key benefits of using Icarus

  • Offers a more flexible and cost effective communication architecture
  • Improves operations and profitability with anywhere anytime access to information 
  • Simplified and automated configuration process reduces cost across the board
  • Holistic view of network at the fingertips offer strategic control for informed decision making  
  • Timely communication helps to enhance customer experience and patronage
  • Tried and tested components embedded in the architecture delivers rich functionality to support business as usual whilst still delivering desired process improvements
  • Open standards and service broker maximises reuse of components and services to reduce cost

Features of Icarus

  • Shows integrated vehicle-centric view enabling information to be utilised by all transport users
  • Deeply integrates with data gathered from ANPR, detectors, Bluetooth, TomTom, and all other data sources
  • Records all accidents, incidents, events, journey times and other traffic data to ensure true predictions
  • Dynamically predicts journey times based on real time data from an integrated traffic network system
  • Allows the user to query any traffic layer items via the Icarus interface to find out more information about the works and any associated severity
  • Displays complete information about all journeys throughout the day
  • Offers information critical to decision making that includes journey times, disruptions, timetables, dynamic destinations, messaging interchange
  • Allows communication between vehicles, depots, hubs and control centres
  • Logs all forms of communication which can be replayed later
  • Allows users to set up and manage other users by giving different levels of authority / access

Idox Transport’s Icarus – RTI is a vital measure to exploit the available data sources to drive intelligence and slash operational expenses across the board. 

To know more about the features and benefits of the Icarus - RTI, Download PDF.

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