Idox Transport's Stand Manager is a class leading stand management system to facilitate smooth throughput of buses at the bus terminal and to ensure optimal utilisation of the available space. 

The end-to-end process of stand allocation is carried out automatically, and the truly dynamic nature of the solution helps to deliver maximum operational efficiency, improves user experience and leads to better utilisation of resources enabling more capacity at smaller sites as well as less space at new sites.

In order to drive stand allocation efficiently, Stand Manager operates a comprehensive business logic, which utilises pre-defined schedule data and stand preference information together to assign buses arriving at the terminal, to the available platforms, correlating their service/line numbers and expected time of arrival and departure.

Key benefits 

  • Reduces the waiting period of buses queued for platform slots
  • Improves utilisation of the terminal space up to 70%
  • Improves convenience to commuters and drivers by providing accurate real-time information and stand allocation information
  • Helps to better manage crowd flow at the terminal
  • Ensures safer boarding and alighting of passengers from the buses at the platforms
  • Better organises parking of the buses at the allocated platforms

Key features

  • Automatically allocates buses to bus stands both by schedule and dynamically
  • Allows user to view and manage all bus movements on the stand
  • Maintains a database of bus stand, layover stand allocation and system events & system data
  • Identifies different types of buses by matching bus numbers to ensure the vehicle bits the bay
  • Recognises stand allocation errors and alerts the controller
  • Permits the user to manage stands manually as well as dynamically
  • Allows the user to close a stand for a specific purpose and/or time period
  • Provides the controller with the ability to switch the system into alert or evacuation modes
  • Helps to offer platform information and expected departure time of the desired bus service through audio/visual media
  • Driver Information Displays shows platform allocation to the drivers for platform directions
  • Allows the user to reserve specific bus stands for approved routes, trips or special events such as rail replacement services

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