Idox Transport ‘Signal Priority Solution' deeply integrates with all traffic control systems and mechanisms. It helps to manage, control and strategise the act of providing prioritised ‘Green-time' to the vehicles approaching signalised junctions.

The Signal Priority Solution overcomes the limitations of conventional systems that are driven by labour intensive and manual tasks prone to errors. It addresses the mounting potential of disruptions of traffic progression, diminishing reliability of traffic systems, increasing traffic volumes, queuing problems and resultant delays to the non-priority traffic. It is a comprehensive signal priority solution, as it,

  • Automatically defines trigger locations
  • Manages centrally and vehicle triggered requests
  • Operates with multiple priority levels with varying thresholds
  • Strategically controls requests through the Strategy Manager 
  • Validates priority requests for any vehicle
  • Supports proven protocols - UG405, XML Gateway, etc.,
  • Manages centrally and vehicle triggered requests
  • Completely controls the junction
  • Quantifies the time saved as a result of request
  • Ensures operational savings

In addition, Idox Transport TSP consistently monitors the trigger location and its impact on the junction - whether the vehicle gets through the junction before the next stage is analysed and used to automatically define a new set of triggers, this continuously improves priority throughout its life cycle. 

The implementation of the Signal Priority Solution results in multiple benefits, these are:

  • Reduced operational cost - Integrates with existing systems without any need of a fresh assembly
  • Strategic control - Grants most targeted and effective priorities
  • Optimised signal disruption - Filters requests to prioritise and eliminate deadlock situations
  • Reduced labour cost - Up to 90 percent labour cost reduction on initial implementation & on-going maintenance
  • Minimised travel time - Significantly reduces the average time per junction per vehicle 
  • Increased service frequencies - Optimises road networks for operational savings
  • Improved results - Proven positive impacts on travel time, flow of traffic, fuel efficiency and emissions

The scope of this solution is not limited to public transport, it also takes into account all types of vehicles such as Taxis, Ambulance, Fire Tenders and even Gritters or refuse trucks that use the road network at varying degrees and need some level of priority at the signalised junctions.

Idox Transport Traffic Signal Priority is one of many modules and adaptors that offer multiple benefits in terms of cutting operational costs, optimising road networks and improving schedule adherence.

To find out more about the Signal Priority Solution, its capabilities and benefits, Download PDF. 

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