utmc_250The Idox Transport UTMC compliant common database provides an open standard data store to collect and disseminate traffic and transport information from existing or new UTMC sub systems. It also provides Traffic Managers with the ability to develop better, integrated traffic and transport control strategies in line with current national and local transport policies.

There are a number of modules and options available depending on the network and traffic management needs and below is a short description of each. Select the link at the end of the paragraph for more information, screen shots and downloadable 2 page pdf product specification documents.

Strategy ManagerStrategy Manager - Strategy Manager is an integrated traffic management solution that enables network controllers to pre-define a wide range of strategies and triggers. The strategies can trigger an alert to the authority and operator if there is a fault on the system, or should an incident take place on the network, etc., To know more about the Strategy Manager, Download PDF.

Data BrokerData Broker - Idox Transport has designed Data Broker, a single entity capable of gaining access to all available traffic and public transport information without unnecessary and expensive ‘one off' connections. It works with a wide range of intelligent transportation systems and data formats such as RTIG, SIRI, VDV, etc. To know more about its features and benefits, Download PDF.

Route Closure and DiversionRoute Closure and Diversion - Route Closure and Diversion is a robust temporary traffic management solution. It helps authorities to plan, create, manage and broadcast closure and diversion. It further improves the performance of network by minimising the impact of any closure or diversion.To know more about the C&D solution, Download PDF.

WhiteBoardWhiteBoard - WhiteBoard enables an organisation to realise benefits of shared understanding in the midst of ever-increasing road network challenges. With the help of WhiteBoard, teams working within an authority or operating in different geographies can converge ideas and communicate in real time. To know more about WhiteBoard, Download PDF.

New Control Room LogNew Control Room Log - The New Control Room Log is a fully integrated solution. It works as an additional enhancement in Argonaut. It has all the features of Idox Transport’s non-erasable audit trial and is capable of automatically and manually recording activities throughout each and every shift. To know more about the New Control Room Log, Download PDF.

New TIH AdaptorNew TIH Adaptor - Idox Transport's New TIH Adaptor comes into the picture. The New TIH Adaptor, based on UTMC standards, deeply integrates with diverse systems in a way that blurs the boundaries between providers to give a coordinated view of the transport network, and support information provision that the travellers believe is relevant to their journey. To know more, Download PDF.

journeyplan_40Winter Maintenance - Idox Transport's winter maintenance features in Voyager and Argonaut allows Authorities to track gritters and publish gritted routes in real time to the public. Optional features allow the public to report empty salt bins to the Authority and for planned gritting routes to be published too. To know more about the Winter Maintenance options, Download PDF.

Journey Times Engine Journey Times Engine - Idox Transport's Journey Times Engine is a next-generation journey planner that helps network controllers to calculate the journey times and speed based on the data received from multiple sources. JTE counts on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique (SCOOT), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), and any available detectors and other relevant data sources to calculate the complete journey time and average speed. To know more about the Journey Times Engine, Download PDF.

Congestion-Severe-Gloss-500Signal Priority Solution - Idox Transport’s Signal Priority Solution has been developed to minimise congestions and optimise signal disruptions for vehicles that require priorities at the signalised junctions. The solution helps to filter and validate priority requests to accurately provide extended green-time to the vehicles at the right time. To know the features and benefits, Download PDF

link_40Incident Detection Solution - Idox Transport has developed the Incident Detection Solution that minimises the number of road incidents, limits congestion on road networks and ensures public safety. This solution delivers benefits of interpreting traffic data, forecasting traffic flow and generating alerts for road network management authorities that manage the traffic on highways, rural and city centre roads. To know more about the Incident Detection Module, Download PDF

link_40Passable Routes -Using Idox Transport's "Passable Roads" page any authorised user can quickly annotate a route as being passable, impassable or unknown. The status of all routes is then instantly broadcast via Voyager to the public, hauliers, bus operators, emergency services, radio stations, etc who can use the information to modify their operations. Passable Routes information

notes_40Document Manager - Idox Transport offers a file manager application that allows users to view, download and up load files in to a central repository. Looking and feeling like Microsoft Windows Explorer, the user is able to dynamically link files to objects within the database. Document Manager information

magnifyingglass_40Dynamic Maps - Idox Transport aims to provide the most understandable and most relevant traffic and transport map available on the market. Idox Transport user-tailored maps will display only the features that are relevant to the user and easily integrates in to all existing GIS systems. Dynamic Maps information

reports_40Reports - The Idox Transport reporting package is very flexible and allows users to configure and run system based reports, as well has set up KPI's and other National Indicator reports and have them automatically delivered to anyone's inbox on a set schedule. This product is proven to save time, money and revenue. Reports information

incident_40Incident Manager - The Police, radio stations and other organisations can all be used to contribute towards managing the traffic. The Idox Transport Incident Manager provides read only or full access to incident, accident, event, roadwork data with full supervision by the traffic Engineer. Incident Manager information

visibility_40Neighbouring Authority Links - Idox Transport can link to all UTMC Systems belonging to neighbouring Authorities. Ability to both send and receive information and to trigger strategies and operator alerts using this data. Neighbouring Authority Links information

vms_40VMS Management - Idox Transport has full support for variable message signs including current and predicted car park spaces, legends, multiple message priorities and fully integrates with the Strategy Manager, Journey Times Engine and Real Time Passenger Information Systems. VMS Management information 

link_40Hosting - A critical element of any traffic management system is the system uptime during an event. It has been demonstrated many times that the most sophisticated systems are dependant on resilient infrastructure to deliver service at the most needy of times. In a recent flooding incident the first thing to go were the IT servers which were housed in the basement of the building, which was located on the flood plain!! Idox Transport Hosting takes the hassle and risk out of system availability. Hosting information

notes_40Maintenance - Idox Transport offers various levels of maintenance for our systems. Bronze - our standard offering, Silver, Gold and our top of the range option, Amber. More details can be found on our Maintenance page.