The rapid upsurge of vehicles on roads is overtaking the wits of intelligent traffic management systems deployed to communicate, sense and report incidents. Though the existing systems are driving valuable road information at common junctures, they emerge futile in classifying, cleansing and creating data models that help to accurately forecast the behavior of traffic on road networks.

In response to this mounting concern, Idox Transport’s team has developed an Incident Detection Solution that will redefine conventions of detecting and managing road incidents. It is a comprehensive solution that interprets road network data to assist road network managers in traffic surveillance, triggering emergency responses, managing fleet and extending other travel assistance to the traveling public in real time.

The Incident Detection Solution has been rigorously modelled to analyse the available traffic data and present a clear picture of the road network historically, in real time and future based on predictions. The efficacy of this solution is based on advanced techniques such as Data Mining (that examines large databases and generates new information), Pattern Matching (that analyses data and identifies unknown objects) and Artificial Neural Network models (that learns by observing data sets).

The Incident Detection Solution will drive high percentage of success on congested road networks as it is capable of,

• Providing an accurate picture of the road network of the past, present and future based on prediction
• Identifying different characteristics in the flow of traffic along the entire road networks
• Constantly evaluating the data to automatically detect and respond to incidents on the road network
• Automatically generating incident notifications for public portals
• Sending alerts to network users such as hauliers, public transport operators and other users
• Distinguishing recurrent and non-recurrent events
• Sending incident notifications to the local authorities
• Automatically generating Variable Message Sign (VMS) and removing it post incident
• Informing bus drivers of the incident and prompting an alternate route
• Seamlessly integrating with the local authority’s’ social media accounts and informing public of delays

On the technical front, computational intelligence approaches such as Neural Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Wavelet Analysis and Fuzzy Logic have been deployed to eliminate the unreliability of conventional algorithms that result in high percentage of false alarms.

This technology breakthrough will restore the faith of road network management authorities on incident detection solution. Also, it would give the much-needed peace of mind to the road network managers who are left stranded in the midst of turmoil caused by road emergencies.

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