• Share information with partner organisations
  • Allow contributions and buy in from 3rd parties
  • Increase data accuracy and data quality
  • No complicated client software to install, configure and support
  • No lengthy specialised training or enormous unintelligible user manuals
  • Fully secure
  • Provides full overview
  • Full web capability
  • Mobile and PDA capability
  • Bank level security
  • Suitable for control tools
  • Available through any internet terminal
  • Concurrent user licensed
  • Built in archiving and filtering
  • Simple wizard based approach
  • No code needs to be written
Technical Specification
  • 100% integrated & hosted solution
  • Local deployments available

Download the 2 page Product Specification in pdf format.

The Idox Transport Incident Manager allows traffic engineers to share information with other partner organisations.

Event management:

incident manager event 499x405

With full access to incidents, accidents, events, roadworks and other pages within the system, radio stations, Police control rooms and other partner organisations can have read only, limited and full access to the system in their own environment.

Incident management:

incident manager incident 497x370

Idox Transport has implemented a facility where all data can be gate kept by the traffic engineer before allowing it in to the system.

Download the 2 page Product Specification in pdf format.