• No specialised skills required
  • Infinitely flexible solution
  • Provides best value from existing infrastructure
  • Stable and reliable solution
  • Fully integrated technical solution
  • Integrates all existing and new data sources
  • Full support for ANPR, Highways Agency, bus, truck and other data
  • Engineers draw facility
  • Instant journey times calculation
  • Prediction support for entire journey length
  • Additional advanced but highly secret features!
Technical Specification
  • 100% integrated & hosted solution
  • Local deployments available
  • Utilises Ordinance Survey Geographical Markup Language data

The Idox Transport Journey Time Engine's unique algorithm can take the ANPR data, Journey Time data from SCOOT, detectors, bus AVL, TIH and Historical Files and any other relevant feed and calculates the complete route journey time and average speed. The percentage against normal are then calculated and the user defined parameters used. The Argonaut Journey Times Engine will match VRM's from locations across the County/ Cross Boundaries to generate journey times on key highway links. All an operator needs to do to execute a new transport route is to draw a line using the cursor along the roads for which he wishes the Journey Times Engine to make the calculation.

Viewing journey times engine routes:

home 499x405

In this way, the Argonaut Journey Times Engine can calculate the road speeds for all roads within the network. No operator defined parameters are required, certainly for the many thousands of roads there are likely to be within the system. The dynamic mapping engine then produces the maps based on these system wide values. Argonaut can provide or receive information to/from one or more of these sub-Systems at the same time for strategic planning. It is possible to subscribe to more than one application for the same information. Operators may add, remove and edit the subscription of sub-systems.

Drawing new routes:

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A additional prediction module is also avaliable within the Journey Times Engine. Given this rich set of data available to Argonaut, Idox Transport is then able to start predicting traffic flows in real time for 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes ahead. This prediction algorithm, inspired by our time in the real time passenger transport industry, uses current and past performance trends to make predictions about congestion in the short term. No user interaction is required, no setup parameters are required and no pre-defined models are required. All a user has to do to use the predictive information is simply to base a strategy on a predicted level of congestion, as well as or instead of an actual level of congestion.

Seeing route details:

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The Idox Transport journey times engine delivers the best of both worlds. It is a predictive UTMC system that does not requires lengthy and complicated setup and management. It simply uses the data gathered and stored to make best guess predictions and allows pre-emptive strategies to be activated.

To know more about the features and benefits of the Journey Times Engine, Download PDF.

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