Road closures and diversions due to maintenance, planned events and accidents in particular can result in some of the worst traffic situations. If these road disruptions are overlooked or missed for any reason, travellers and other services may be left stranded with hours of wait time with the disruption often affecting miles of road network.

As growing traffic and frequency of road disruptions continue to grow, it is paramount that traffic management policies benefit all stakeholders.

This is where Idox Transport's Route Closure and Diversion, a robust temporary traffic management solution, comes in to its own. Route Closure and Diversion helps authorities to plan, create, manage and broadcast closure and diversion. It helps to improve the performance of the network by minimising the impact of any closure or diversion.

Route Closure and Diversion enable users to,

  • Add tactical road closures and pre-planned diversion routes using the map 
  • Manage road space booking clash 
  • Control traffic during roadworks, accident, events, emergencies, etc. 
  • Optimise road performance by identifying affected journeys 
  • Automatically notify fleet operators, travellers, emergency services, etc. about road scenarios in real time 
  • Send messages to the affected stops and fleets 
  • Track vehicles approaching C&D with their distance and time in real time 
  • View created C&D in a tabular view and on the map with relevant icons and information

The Idox Transport Route Closure and Diversion solution is deeply integrated with Icarus and Voyager which helps to manage fleet operations, predict journeys and keep travellers updated about the situation.

The key Route Closure and Diversion features offered across Argonaut, Icarus and Voyager are as follows:

Closure and Diversion in Argonaut enable users to:

  • Easily add tactical road closures and pre-planned diversion routes. 
  • Design the signage layout for each junction along the diversion route. 
  • Print the closure, diversion route, junction layout and signage inventory 
  • Manage road space booking clash

Closure and Diversion in Icarus enable users to:

  • View the list of affected services, stops and fleets, and predict journey times 
  • View fleets approaching C&D with distance and time 
  • Notify vehicles of C&D 
  • Send different or same alerts to all or a particular fleet 
  • Search vehicles approaching the C&D 
  • Notify stops about cancellation of services

Closure and Diversion in Voyager enable users to: 

  • Broadcast any C&D to the public, hauliers, bus operators, emergency services, radio stations, etc. in real time 
  • View the created C&D on the map with relevant information within the map pop-up 
  • Download a map of the C&D route as a PDF

To find out more about the Route Closure and Diversion solution, Download PDF. 

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