Speed Amelioration is a measure that will help authorities to control speeding vehicles that over the years, have resulted in severe casualties and fatalities to pedestrians and others.

The use of Speed Amelioration reduces the risk of accidents, particularly when vehicles are arriving at high speed in a given risk area such as approaches to schools and other congested areas.

The accuracy and efficacy of Speed Amelioration largely relies on its ability to interact with a wide range of data sources such as ANPR, speed detectors and the like.

Speed Amelioration has been modelled to minimise road disruptions while working to detect any speeding vehicles. It automatically controls the traffic signals based on the data received from different sources and ensures that Whitelist vehicles (Ambulances, Police, etc.) are considered while re-prioritising traffic signals for speeding vehicles.

To ensure that speeding vehicles have enough time to safely stop when the signals change to red, Argonaut confirms speed limit violation by analysing data well in advance of the junction and allows for further tweaking by use of an upper and lower speed ‘slider’.

How Speed Amelioration works?

Idox Transport links up a number of different data sources to help reduce the instances of speeding within the urban environment. By linking with speed detectors, a vehicles velocity is measured and at the same time the number plate is read by a nearby camera. If the vehicle is not on a “whitelist” of vehicles permitted to exceed the limit (police, ambulance, etc.) then Argonaut sends a command automatically to the junction downstream from the detection point. This command automatically turns the signal to red for the speeding vehicle’s approach and the vehicle is stopped from initially speeding through the junction.

Benefits and features of Speed Amelioration

  • Ability to aggregate different data into a single unified system
  • Enables the user to automatically capture vehicles exceeding the speed limits
  • Ensures accuracy validation before sending the command to a signalised junction
  • Allows to control unlimited number of intersections with a single unified system
  • Automatically controls traffic lights
  • Reduces the number of speeding vehicles, accidents and queuing
  • Helps to improve pedestrian safety

Controlling vehicle speeds using traffic signals will reduce the number of speeding vehicles and it is hoped, accidents should also decrease in both frequency and severity.

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