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  • No specialised skills required
  • Develop strategies in human readable formats
  • Stable and reliable solution
  • Fully integrated technical solution
  • Fully accessible
  • Range of product options
Feature Matrix

feature matrix

Technical Specification
  • 100% integrated & hosted solution
  • Local deployments available
  • Management access through Argonaut via secure web session
  • W3C XHTML and WAI AA complaint
  • Utilises Microsoft Silverlight

Idox Transport's vision is to provide products that enable Traffic Managers to model, monitor and control the environmental effects of travel as well as reducing congestion to maximise the use of a limited road network.

Strategy list page:

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From this same data source Idox Transport enables our Voyager products and services relating to accidents, roadworks, congestion, air quality and the state of the road network in general to empower road users to make informed travel decisions to avoid congestion hotspots.

New strategy conformation page:

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A corner stone of this vision is Idox Transport Strategy Manager, the business intelligence which drives the automated control and decision making process. No prior technical knowledge is required to use the product. No scripting or programming is required. Indeed, this is the essence of our product development strategy. Many technical teams make products that do very complex things, very complex to use. We strive to make a very complicated processes, very simple to use. This is quite a considerable challenge and sometimes we don't always get it right. With help and support from our large and experienced user base.

New strategy trigger page:

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Strategy Manager comprises the following feature set:

  • Unlimited triggers
  • Tree based trigger user interface
  • Logical 'and/or' trigger conditions
  • Events, conditions or data value meet triggers
  • Unlimited actions
  • VMS legend action support
  • SMS alerts
  • Email alerts
  • Engineers in the loop
  • Manual activation
  • Comprehensive logging

To know more about the features and benefits of the Strategy Manager, Download PDF.

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