All of Idox Transport adaptors are integrated using the published UTMC standards and protocols. Whether a CORBA or SNMP connection is used, the Idox Transport system is fully compliant to the standard and has already implemented all of the data objects.

Idox Transport has designed our adaptor architecture for the specific purpose of integrating as many systems into UTMC as simply and effortlessly as possible without involving either large amounts of development time or overhead.

This has been achieved by implementing an adaptor architecture that is layered throughout the system. The system works by using core adaptor code that can be customised for each object type. End points are the developed and integrated in to the system to deal with the specific connection formats that different suppliers have. These end points simply create the UTMC data object programmatically with the core adaptor code taking care of the CORBA and common database SQL work.

adaptor architecture

It is for this reason, that once an adaptor has been developed it makes very little difference to Idox Transport if a different provider of that product is selected. In other words, the end point for the same data type is simply and easily added in to the system with minimal fuss and development effort.

Successful Adaptors & End Points

Idox Transport now has over 175 different adaptors installed, working and interfacing in over 27 UTMC systems (over a third of all systems) for all UTMC data objects. If you need a UTMC adaptor, Idox Transport has already developed it.

Adaptors include:

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UTMC Adapter Software Development Kit

For suppliers and companies wanting to integrate in to UTMC systems, Idox Transport has developed a Software Development Kit for integrating with UTMC systems. This product is described in more detail on our separate micro site UTMC Compliant Software Development Kit.