Operating mission critical traffic management applications deployed across diverse geographies demand you to consistently share ideas and experiences. Doing this helps you to stay relevant in varying traffic situations. However, lack of real-time collaboration when necessary can inhibit an organisation deriving maximum benefits from the existing traffic management infrastructure.

To bridge this communication gap and address the need for collaboration, Idox Transport introduced WhiteBoard, an ergonomic collaboration tool.

WhiteBoard enables an organisation to realise benefits of shared understanding in the midst of ever-increasing road network challenges.

With the help of WhiteBoard, teams working within an authority or operating in different geographies can converge ideas and communicate in real time.

Benefits of using WhiteBoard:

  • Eliminates the need to use email as the primary medium of communication with team members 
  • Team members can quickly share experiences for prompt contribution when necessary 
  • Streamlines the many activitites being performed across diverse geographies 
  • Helps authorities to react in real time on different traffic situations 
  • Maximises the effectiveness and use of existing traffic management infrastructure 
  • Triggers traffic optimisation scenarios by offering a centralised control structure

WhiteBoard allows the user to: -

  • Create tasks
  • Set different priorities
  • Assign tasks to individuals
  • Set reminders
  • See comments in real time
  • Comment on any content

To find out more about WhiteBoard, its capabilities and benefits, Download PDF. 

For more information or to arrange a demonstration,

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